Photos and Psychopaths

Carlo Gesualdo
Carlo Gesualdo – Renaissance composer and murderer…

I love the costumes and projections that you can see in the photos from the original April performances of “From Inside” by Vocalconsort Berlin . I’ll be performing the same programme of Gesualdo and Scelsi motets with them in Fürth, near Nuremberg, next month.

Did you know that Gesualdo murdered his wife and her lover in 1590? I didn’t until I read this review from Germany’s classical music radio station Kulturradio of the performances earlier this year. I wonder which composers today will be regarded as psychopaths in the future?

The music of Giacinto Scelsi is also new to me – you can definitely hear the allusions to Renaissance composers (Scelsi lived during the 20th Century), but he was also clearly quite experimental for his time. The oscillating pitches and vowel-sounds in the works we will be performing are quite a challenge to learn!